road Trip part 2 – Wee Waa

So this is nearly it.
One more school to go.
Wednesday, yesterday, saw us at Namoi Valley Christian School – hi writers and illustrators … thanks especially to the kids who taught me about some of their farming practices. I loved reading about all of that.

illustrators sharing their work

And what an interesting way they did have of splitting one of the classes and selecting who would go to my session and who would go to Sarah’s session. The ‘Winner’ from the game of Stone, Paper, Scissors (yes that game we used to decide who goes first in any of our school yard games) joined the art crew while the ‘loser’ stayed with me! Now is that an ego boost or what! … and that was after a number guessing game too! I would have thought that a more appropriate way would have been for those who would benefit most from the different specialist fields that we offered.

Straight after school it was back to the local bakery for a lunchtime sandwich and coffee, a top-up with the water and driving supplies (chocolate and yummies) and then we hit the road for Moree and our final school.

we survived

Last night Sarah and I decided that a celebratory dinner in the motel restaurant (often it has been the local hotel or yikes, takeaway) was in order. It was appropriate with lovely atmosphere and food. It was a multi-purpose celebration:

  • Reason one the end of the road trip is nigh and we had survived and had fun along the way. 
  • Reason two (as if we needed another reason) was that we had a glowing review of Sounds Spooky in the latest edition of Magpies magazine. 
  • And reason three why we dined in the motel and not outside … we were too tired and too worn out to venture into town for a slap up meal. Sarah even had bubbly!!

Last school here we come….

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