12 Days of Christmas, Day 5 – Doug MacLeod

Welcome to Day 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas and the terrific Doug Macleod from Melbourne. Doug writes wonderful books (he has written at least 26 I think) including the fantastic shortlisted title The Life of a Teenage Body-Snatcher and his new book (which I am sure will be fantastic too) The Shiny Guys, coming out in May 2012. I can’t wait for that one!This is a short memory but a funny one for sure.

One of my happiest memories of Christmas was seeing my mum take part in the nativity pageant in Ballarat. It was in a huge tent and we were lead from one tableau to another by an obliging Judean. Mum was in the scene where the innkeeper turns Mary and Joseph away from the inn on the pretext that there is no room.

Mum was hilarious, miming to her husband about what a niggardly old misery-guts he was and then trying to make the stable ‘look nice’ for the wanderers. There was a camel in her scene, but he was very well behaved, except for the farting.

I had never seen my mum act before and I was very impressed.

Do visit Doug’s website, its just a little bit funny, where you can even uncover a few words about the television writing side of Doug, but to enter the website you have to click on the nose! The site re is lots of fun so spend a while there. Don’t forget to find out how many visitors doug has had to his site. And you might want to check out his blog too.

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