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Back to Creating Spaces and a look at the wonderful DESKS of some of my writing and illustrating friends around the world. This week we spy on the creative space of Greg Holfeld. Greg is a wonderfully talented illustrator creating the art behind the Captain Congo graphic titles (and a whole lot more which you can discover at through his website). We were able to hang out in Ipswich a few months ago.


This space is new, less than a year, but just about everything in it I’ve had for quite awhile.

There are two desks, each claiming a different sort of work territory. The smaller oak desk was picked up in an antique shop around 1993. It’s always been the place where I do the “business stuff”; bookkeeping, letter writing, etc. Here it holds up the computer, and nothing serious ever happens with that. It’s where everything technical, distracting or duller than drawing takes place.

On the other hand, the best times are when the drawing table gets to live up to it’s name. I picked it up at an auction house not long after the desk. There’s a little plaque on the underside that says: “Mech. Eng. Dept. University 21 MF 62”, which leads me to think before I drew pictures on it someone was drawing mechanical engineering plans. (Co-incidentally, I did that one summer for the Saskatchewan Power Corporation after art college – my last “real job.”) What’s being drawn on it now are more pages of “In For The Krill” and a new book with Captain Congo author Ruth Starke.

The rest of place is all about books, penguins, and monkeys!

Some writers say they enjoy having their dogs in their creative space. Don’t know why you’d want to have a smelly dog hanging around the studio when you can have a cat that walks on the desk with her butt in your face and then bumps your drawing hand until she’s fed.


Another delightfully “lived-in” creative space. And just love the primate images in his workspace! Many thanks Greg.
Greg’s Latest Book
Captain Congo and the Klondike Gold, words by Ruth Starke, Working Title Press, 2011
Do check out Greg’s Website Panic Productions. I love that name (or http://www.panicproductions.com.au/)

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