New York, New York – Day 1

NYC, oh I do love it.
It was really really nice to lie in bed and sleep in but then we had to get moving for a very late brunch … and not a great one either. You can’t really destroy a simple breakfast but this came close – a New York Breakfast at the nearest place we could find…

…burnt bacon which was edges only with fat. No eye of the bacon and the coffee was rather argh!

BUT we have found other breakfast options while on our walk today … and did we walk!
So the first walk was passed a few churches, St Barts and then to the Cathedral – St. Pats. Just a wonderful building. We had planned to attend church but we only made it in time to see the folks all leaving. Stumbled across Rockfeller Centre and the ice skating going on there … sooooo cold (okay so that is fine for ice skating but it still is cold) and the Lego shop with this amazing lego dragon. And one question for the Rockefeller Centre … where is the Australian Flag? We couldn’t find it!

where is our Aussie flag?


Bini contemplating

The view onto Park Avenue and Grand Central Station is quite lovely – and not noisy … we barely hear the engine sirens….

snow draped statues over Grand Central Statio

Back to the hotel for a breather (we have found the New York City Library and the famed lions so will make it there soon) and then it was time to walk again, this time down Park Avenue. Beautiful lights are strung through the trees all over the city …

We made it as far as 20th Street before our bodies called to be fed. So back up to Park Avenue and a stroll along to Times Square (not as wet or snowy or sloshy as our first night) in search of food. And we  found Ruby Tuesday and real food!!!!

char-grilled salmon salad

‘simple’ burger

love the lego dragon

St Pats Cathedral – restoration work being done but still gorgeous on the outside … especially with the snow!

St Barts

Day one done …

Oh, most folks know I am not a sports nut but GO the GIANTS (the New York Giants have just made it to SuperBowl XLVI in Indianapolis in a few weekends.) And tickets to the game are now being sold for $2500.

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