New York, New York – Day 2

Happy New Year … well, Lunar new year that is … and even though we weren’t home to feast with the  family as we always do we did get to celebrate Chinese New Year – New York style. A quick ride down the Subway (easy as with the coding and the numbering! ours was the RED line) and in minutes we were in Chinatown and surrounded by the drum beats and the Lions dancing. It was a tad damp but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the gathering throng. Much cheering and beating and HUGE party Poppers popping!


… and Bini has made her mark on this town. they even have a police van initialised for her as this photo shows (see letters next to elbow):

Of course being Chinese New Year we had to have lunch, which was scrumptious …  steamed prawn dumplings, red bean pancake and shallot pancakes and a wonton soup Shanghai style (and the left overs are still in the fridge)  … no noodles for lunch – they came at dinner though! whew!

We came across this lovely little park. There are lots of them thrown around the city. This one I think is Confucius Park … and have a statue of Sun Yat Sen in the park. And the building below was not just a shelter. Theree was a Tai Chi lesson going on as well as a few games of chinese chess and something else where money seemed to change hands – ah these inscrutable Chinese.

Lunch done, a stroll along the streets found us walking towards the apartment of my lovely agent Mark who received the shock of his life when he saw us approaching. Had we been a few minutes later we would have missed him completely. He was more than a little stunned. A quick chat, (I think Mark was still shaking his head in disbelief that we met on his street) to arrange lunch for Tuesday and we were off again, this time to Books of Wonder … and this bookstore truly IS a wonder. Why? Because ALL the books on display are face out. You can see the FRONT covers! But that was not the most amazing discovery. They had a heap of OZ books … not just the Wizard of Oz titles but many other titles about the land of Oz. I did not realise that Baum wrote so many Oz books! A cup of coffee and a red velvet cup-cake (which is really just chocolate cake with red food colouring but they are all over the place here) and then we were off again. “Not more walking!” exclaimed Bini … but sigh, there was!

Crazy statue and digital work…

A dinner, which was nothing worth noting about, from one of those chain eating houses (we were both tired after two days of much footwork) and then back through Grand Central Station which looks such a picture no matter what time of day – or night – it is. It even has an Apple Store there!

And day two is now done!

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