New York, New York – Day 3

ANOTHER day in New York.
Another day of sights,
Another day of FUN!

AN early morning rise – no sleeping in today for we had a 10.30 viewing at the 9/11 memorial. This was a spot we had to see as I watched the events unfold from Australia at he time and was relaying information to the lab I was working in at Purdue. We also saw the site in 2002 as the clean up was underway so the rising towers and pool was a delight to see. I love the second photo here of the reflected tower.

… and the Fire Station opposite.

That done, it was a bit of shopping and then lunch with my agent Mark, and this time on our way to his abode, we knew where we were walking. What a thrill it was to spend a few hours with him. I am so buzzed that he is looking after me … and he is a nice guy too! Today’s dining feast was at a Thai restaurant called Room Service and their speciality – Pad Thai wrapped in an omelette … it was scrummy! As was the Seafood Hot Pot. The decor though, chandeliers and red velvet covered bed-heads behind the purple chairs, was rather unusual.

And then it was time to head off to the New York Public Library where I was snapped Reading Between the Lions (this was on the bucket list). Look closely between the two lion statues below … that’s me! It might be hard to see, okay … it IS hard to see, but that was the only way you could see me and BOTH lions.  Now what book was I reading?

But then an absolute “When we go to New York we HAVE to do this” thing – me photographed next to Winnie-the-Pooh. I have always wished to see the wonderful A. A. Milne creatures and now I have. To see the creatures … such a delight. Another bucket list item completed and this one was right at the top! Pooh looks so much like my teddy bear (who also stars in that magnaplurious picture book Sounds Spooky) and this Pooh was from Harrods. Piglet – he is sooooooo small. Even better looking than the book illustrations! We are going back to get a better picture (will change camera settings)!

SO,  Day Three was nearly done but the final task was to touch base with the delightful Bridget Casey (ARA) and crash the New York SCBWI Metro New York’s pre-conference mixer! Thanks folks for making me feel so welcome and chit chat the hours away with you all.

And now Day Three really is Done!
What next?

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