New York, New York – Day 6 … the real one

Actually, the last post was Day 5 and THIS is now day 6.
What, another day in New York?
Absolutely … although today was more business and less rest and relaxation (although Bini’s feet probably do not agree that it has been restful!)
Today was the preconference intensives but still there was time to visit so we ventured up to the Metropolitan Museum to absorb MORE kulcha – van Gough, Rousseau, Picasso and way many more. I really can’t spend all day looking at these marvellous artworks … it is sensory overload.

This afternoon was more walking, this time a tour of  Greenwich Village with the rather knowledgeable Leonard Marcus where he showed us some of the children’s literary highlights … including early publishing offices and houses of some of the wonderful American children’s book creators. And Robert McCloughsky, of Make Way for Ducklings fame who did not create the book in Boston. It was done right here in New York with ducks from the local farmers’ market that lived around his house for yonks!

where Make For Ducklings was really created!

And lastly the VIP Cocktail Party, an invitation only affair … it was a schmooze and mingle affair with many of the local industry folk … and what delicacies were supplied on the night. These two shots are of mashed potato with topping. Now I know that might not be to everyones palette but it really was a taste delight and we went back for seconds.

the chef
mashed potato special – ina martini glass of course
the gathering throng

And tomorrow, the conference begins in ernest!

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  1. Chris! The tour must have been so interesting and given a real sense of place and time to your visit. I’m totally jealous- having Leonard Marcus as your tour guide! Glad to see you’re in your groove and doing good things and having fun.

    Stephanie Roth Sisson January 30, 2012 at 6:00 am Reply

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