New York, New York – Day 6

A slow rise this morning and then a quick taxi ride up to Central Park the carriage rides. I am amazed at the tax rides. They are fast, the drivers don’t have to ask you for directions (or plug details into a sat nav), the taxis are clean … AND they are CHEAP. I have been here to New York quite a few times and never trotted around the park so this time we did – it’s a tourist thing!

Park sights from the horse carriage:

 and at the entrance was this sculpture being inflated:

Carriage ride over, it was a quick trip to FAO Schwartz to check out the toys – which is right next door to an Apple store (which goes beneath the path!). We found our 2012 Christmas decoration here – but you will have to wait to 10 more months to see that!

And back to the Hyatt … and the gathering throng of Regional Advisors. It is such a thrill to catch up with all the folks and to hear what everyone else has been doing. Dinner was out to John’s Pizza (near the theatres, walking in the rain) for our pre-conference dinner gathering.

Tradition dictates too that on the night before the conference begins Regional Advisors who wish to go to the theatre and this year it was to see Mary Poppins – which was a most appropriate choice being that it was Australia Day AND that the book was written by an Australian! We had just about the best seats in the house. This is a great production. Our seats were so good that when Mary flew off in the final scene her flight path was right above our seats. It was SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS.
I found it very hard to sit there and not sing those wonderful songs – even my feet were moving! The sets were so brilliantly employed and the dancing jut wonderful. Yep … loved it totally.

Happy folks in the audience ,,,,

So now the 13th SCBWI Winter conference shall begin.

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  1. It looks beautiful – enjoy your 10 year anniversary

    Susanne Gervay January 28, 2012 at 6:29 pm Reply

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