New York, New York

We made it. We are here in New York, New York, although the weather and a few rather annoyed passengers who had to be deplaned nearly conspired against an on-time arrival.

This white stuff is absolutely everywhere. When we left Indianapolis this morning fresh snow, inches thick,  had fallen and the Interstate was rather icy! Lots of slip sliding was going on there, and it did not improve on the way here. Snow was covering runways and when we finally landed at JFK we had to wait on board while the ground staff cleared a path for us to walk to the terminal.

After catching a cab to the hotel it was time for a stroll and a cup of coffee. Now, even though it isn’t King Street Newtown coffee, we had to do the Starbucks thing (and we were a tad hungry) so we dropped in to the very first one we came across and look what was spied as we entered the door. See, I am supposed to be here! I was not impressed though when they didn’t respond when I mentioned that I was Chris C.

We sort of looked at the map and we sort of didn’t but like a magnet we were drawn to Times Square. This place just buzzes … see – new jacket and gloves and WARM jacket and gloves!

Our hotel is next to Grand Central Station which is just a beautiful building so after we strolled the streets it was back to the dining concourse where we found Juniors. Here they serve award-winning cheesecakes – no photo to show though. We ate it too fast back at the hotel! But we really know that we are here in the USA. This is my Grilled Chicken Breast Salad … enough for TWO, and we also shared a soup!

 … and then back to the hotel to collapse for the night.
Warning: as is my way, there will be many more food photos over the next two weeks.

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  1. Ah, looks lovely. The bright lights. The City! Nice to see you Stateside. Miss that I don’t get a hug.

    Teresa Fannin January 23, 2012 at 9:17 am Reply

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