Welcome to the USA

We’re not in Sydney any more … but just look at this snap taken yesterday during takeoff yesterday – Wednesday January 18 (Bini had a very, very long birthday). What a beautiful city we live in!

We are in downtown West Lafayette Indiana, where I used to come for a few months every year to work at Purdue University for my fantastical friend Paul … and it is SNOWING and COLD and well and truly DARK by 7 pm!! This is just the third snow hit here this season and it arrived today because Bini called for it – obviously! With Paul being an Aussie (and most of his family too) there was an order despatched from the trenches before I came over for some Aussie treats … this is a snap of Paul and Sue unpacking his bags of booty – they travelled Priority on Virgin Australia of course.

Interestingly – the bag that contained all the lollies / candy / sweets (choose appropriate word depending on country) was searched by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) here in the USA looking for forbidden goods. They leave a slip in your bag to let you know it has been inspected. They even looked at some of the tins of tea (T2 of course). We know because the packets were opened. I wonder what they thought of the Musk Sticks, Summer Rolls, Bullets and the very Australian Vegemite (labelled for Australia Day). Advertising plug: Vegemite is a wonderful Australian invention (read my new book coming out in October). Of course that might also explain why some of the Tomato Sauce (not ketchup) had seeped out of the bag too. The liquid that they pass off as tom sauce here definitely isn’t!!

Chris is photographed (below) in this very unflattering outfit (too short Drizabone, gloves are in pocket) but it keeps the body dry and the wind out. It was rather chilly, even coming from our mild Sydney summer, and by the time that we had walked around the block our faces were frozen! I might have to buy a rather warm hat. Well it least it wasn’t like the first time I arrived in the US 12 years ago on another snowy wintery January day. I was very (in)appropriately dressed in shorts and t-shirt.

and a few more snaps from the plane yesterday:


A resting afternoon, another day here and then New York City here we come.

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