West Lafayette – Indiana

It snowed AGAIN today and it was so cold that we decided I needed a new jacket, so a quick drive to Tippecanoe Mall was made. Now I have new COLD weather jacket, gloves and beanie! but best of all I drove through the ice/snow/slush/muck, I didn’t get lost, and I drove on their right side of the road. It was like I was living here just yesterday. Tonight there is ice-rain falling – and the roads are more than a tad slippery and dangerous. More Snow forecast so all I can say is that I am over this snow stuff!

Last night was a lovely dinner with Professors Jill and Bob May from Purdue University. Great to see Kristian again too. Whenever I was here at Purdue working for Paul I would always try and catch up with Jill and her Children’s Literature classes that semester and chat to the students about being a writer and Aussie kids books. I also am on the advisory board for the online kids mag First Opinions, Second Reactions that comes from here – which we forgot to chat about. Could only have been better if the wonderful Professor from Cincinnati Uni had come – Darwin Henderson. Missed you Darwin. Forgot to get a dinner photo (scrumptious meal –  New York Times recipe) but did grab this as we left.

And my wonderful mate Paul. I have known him longer than just about anyone else here in the USA spending years in OZ together before he came over here to do his post doc work – he was supposed to come back but decided that the snow and the cold and the research work was better over here. I made a quick trip this afternoon into his lab to catch up with some of the staff who I know and worked with. It was such a delight to see them (or chat on the telephone to them) and they are a wonderful crew – they have to be. They look after Paul!

It’s been a grand two days with Paul and the family here in Indiana and it was just brilliant that we could dine tonight with the kids too. AND dinner included a Happy Birthday cake for Bini complete with birthday songs. That was a total surprise for Bini (and me too). See, Paul and his family are very, very special.

doggie entertainment with the cousins

So now as we sign off here for the night from Indianapolis (we are staying overnight near the airport). Next stop NewYork.

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