catch up 2 – and then there is PaddleDuck

And what more for this week:

This week (just gone now) it was back to many things PaddleDuck, and no I haven’t gone quackers. PaddleDuck (for those who don’t know) is the team I work with creating Apps and e-Pubs for Toddlers. You can read more about PaddleDuck and the creative team on the PaddleDuck website. We are a pretty magical bunch!

Right now we are preparing for the launch of the Carie Cat App so this week was marketting and planning meetings along with a general chit chat catch up! The Carrie Cat App and the the Colouring and Story Book App are the first cabs off the rank. A series of Apps and e-pubs and much, much more will be forthcoming.

And the PaddleDuck store is live for PaddleDuck accessories including shirts and jump suits, totebags and a whole lot more. You can also grab PaddleDuck Wall Graphics. Just look at Buzzy Bee …

Become a friend and Like PaddleDuck on Facebook and grab the free PaddleDuck Colouring and Story Book.

And then you might want to check out more on the PaddleDuck Tube.

Yes … this was a busy week.

And with Tuseday looming close at hand there is the launch of 2012 National Year of Reading for which I am a National Ambassador. More on that really really soon!

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