Back on Track – catch up 1

It has NOT been a quiet week since getting back home. Of course I added the previous Creative Spaces post from my lovely friend Katie Davis for her blog tour. That was heaps of fun. And in case you didn’t hear me you might want to visit Katie’s podcast where she spoke to all of us who were part of her tour, about something memorable to do with book launches. I am up early on the podcast and reflected on a launch with one of my pythons.

But now to catch up:

Last Saturday was Kids Day Out at Glebe Library – their first event for 2012 National Year of Reading, for which I am one of the National Ambassadors. I spent a delighful few hours at the library, first opening the days’ programme and then later conducting a SOUNDS SPOOKY reading session. It was really a joy (I lurve reading my own book) and while I was reading Sounds Spooky I noticed a very young bub cradled by her mum quite close to where I was sitting on the floor. As anyone who has read the book knows, there is a part where there is a scream, so when it came time to scream I did screanmed very, very gently watching out of the corner of my eye the mum nad bub. BUT my gentle scream wan’t quiet enough … and they both jumped which was followed by quite a few giggles! I would love to add a photo here of the gathering masses but as I was presenting and my camera swas still tucked in the bag … there is none to show.
2012 National Year of Reading has begun … well sort of. The official kick off is next Tuesday in Canberra (ACT) at the National Library of Australia and I will be zapping on down for the day! As National Ambassador already I have been at the Glebe library Kids Day out and written a few articles and blog posts. I feel very privileged and thrilled to be one of the National Ambassadors.
I have also spent a few days catching up on the bits and pieces for my presesntations at the inaugural Young Readers Festival in Hong Kong. There’s a lot of paperwork and correspondence to organise as well as much liaising with the schools that I will be visiting BUT hugely looking forward to this! Yeah!  Back to Hong Kong – again! And hope to get to see the studetns at Cheng Chek Chee Secondary School … a special place for me seeing as though it is named after my grandfather!!
Monday night was the first SCBWI NSW gathering for the year and we had a rolling turn out. Great to see a few new members as well as some consistently wonderful regular attendees. And another reason why I didn’t post about the night – I left my camera at the hotel BUT as you can see from the picutre below I have it once again in my clutches.
And late last year it was a thrill for me to zap out to see The Creative Arts Expo and St Monica’s Primary School at Richmond and their dramatic creation of my book One child. I recevied a copy of the performance and here it is at my youtube page. These kids and their teachers created a beautiful production that was so true to the meaing for the book. Thanks all.
Picture Book Month ….

and in the craziness of the end of last year I fogot to post more about Picture Book Month – the glorious celebration that was started last year in priase of all things picture books and why they are important. This was in response the New York Times published an article that declared “Picture Books No Longer a Staple for Children.”
Dianne de Las Casas and a few of her pals gathered together and established this wonderful month. Straight away it went global – I appeared (global!) and it also was featured on Yeah! Celebration!
So my piece celebrating picture books can be found on my website (or directly here) or at the Picture Book Month website and the post for November 30. Do jump to the Picture Book Month website where you can find lots more about Picture Book Month. Roll on Picture Book Month 2012!
Some awesome picture book creators will appear this coming November!

So that’s a quick catch up … at least for now!

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