and to holidays

Post Hong Kong and post Bologna, it is time now for us to enjoy a little downtime, first in London and then at various outposts in Wales. So here is a snapshot (with a few piccies) of our days so far …

First off, London with our gorgeous friend Marcia. We dropped in to the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) for another visit and spied Marcia’s wonderful Dickens book on display as part of the Dickens centenary celebrations … and she didn’t even know it was there.

And a must see and do is a tour of the BBC television studios (before they close down). Bini and I got to present the news, I got to do a quick weather presentation, and wonder of wonders … I stepped into the Tardis (that’s another tick for the bucket list). Mind you, the BBC shop could take a lesson from our ABC shops and have a better collection of Dr Who bits and pieces. I will have to buy my mini Tardis back him in OZ but at least I can say that I have now stepped inside that police box – and it looks much bigger inside on television!

step inside

that’s me (Chris) pointing

wiring up

not so big Dalek!

A morning journey on London transport which was fast and rapid and uses an Oyster card (oh to such wonderful Australian ingenuity) to Greenwich meant that we were able to stand on the Greenwich Meridian.

on THAT line!

Flying from Bologna to London we were accompanied by Serena Geddes (illustrator) and Bruce Mutard (graphic novelist). They also turned up at the London SCBWI social at The Olde Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street (previous post), so we were a jolly little foursome of Aussies at that very British event.

And now we have landed in Bath where we begin our latest historical exploration adventure.
More soon….

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