Bologna Book Fair Day 2

It really was an explosion of activity today on the SCBWI booth – and after these few words there are just a few photos to show the happenings.

First up this morning there was the SCBWI Australia and New Zealand showcase. We filled the Aussie table with books, postcards and business cards from our members. Frances loaded one table with New Zealand creations but I couldn’t contain all our paraphernalia to one table, we had to take over a section of the book cases, bordered with the Australian flag of course. Thanks to Deb, Serena and Lesley who were there to get our flag flying and then hung around to sing the praises of SCBWI Australia. Other regional showcases and then personal showcases were displayed as well.

Later this afternoon Kathleen interviewed Lin in the Authors’ Cafe (the signs have a spelling mistake!) where Lin enlightened us on the SCBWI story which never fails to thrill me either. This was soon followed by the SCBWI booth party with heaps of people sharing the cake and champagne and toasting the wonderful celebration that is all things SCBWI. Some filming was also done. I’m, not sure what I said but I hope it was okay! It is such a thrill to have Lin and Sarah from headquarters here at the fair. Their encouragement and presence just makes us all so thrilled. The tribe is great!

The Australian Publishers Association also has a strong presence at the fair and it was my turn as well to be sitting there and chit chatting about my books, Deb, Serena and Lesley were also there throughout the day. What fun! Thanks to that crew – Ann, Jess and Libby for helping me get my act together and be there too.
And so that is day two. Of course dinner with Warren tonight is very close and then comes day three and that highlight …. duelling illustrators!

flying our flags

preparing our table

on display

the team

and the book shelves too

Frances and the New Zealand table

MY books of course – with clip on koalas

a jovial gathering

Serena Geddes showcase

Lin viewing Serena’s book

Lin, Kathleen and translated at the cafe

Ken and the Singapore showcase

Lesley Vamos Showcase

preparing for a party

the party liquid

Lin and Kathleen hosting the SCBWI party


party action at the booth

three ladies discussing

happy Aussies at the APA stand

the entrance

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