Bologna Book Fair Day 4 – Done

So here it is, the last day of the Book Fair. This is a much quieter day than the previous three … which is just as well for there are a whole lot of very tired and worn out SCBWI folk. It has been an intense but very fulfilling event for many of us. Many of the booths had begun to pack up by the time we arrived – some had even packed up last night so by lunchtime we were ready to close up the shop too! But it still took the rest of the afternoon to get organised for our departure from the fair.

In the lead up to the Book Fair we also put a call out for our illustrators to submit sample art works that could be chosen to be displayed in a portfolio, wonderfully prepared by John and Bridget. This gets a thorough viewing by the publishers who attend our booth. Caterina Zandonella was one of those successful illustrators.

Cat and her successful art

Another feature from the festival organisers is the Illustrator Wall. At the start of the fair this wall was blank but after four days you can see the result below – totally covered with contact details and sample art work. Some clever creators even created business card holders attached to their artwork. I am amazed they lasted that long because some of the work added disappeared … just ask Lesley.

We also continued to showcase on the final morning ….

SCBWI Malaysia

 … but then the day was done and in no matter of time this was the result.

Miri resting

So the 2012 Bologna Book Fair is now done.
SCBWI will once again be present in 2014, even bigger and better, our thoughts are already underway … so mark it in the SCBWI diaries.

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