Bologna Book Fair Day 4 – Last photo

Well … there is one more Bologna photo to add. This is our celebratory photo on that very final evening after the pack up and after our weary bones had just slightly recovered. Kirsten (with her beautiful dogs) was already on her way for her holiday camp so we did miss her. We were all totally worn out but very, very satisfied with the outcome.
Notice how wrecked we are. There are mostly WATER glasses being raised! This was a very early night for us all.

Here is our pizza dinner:

and of course when in Italy one has to leave with a sweet taste in your mouth so what better treat than to finish with gelato. Yes okay we had slightly licked these already by the time I remembered to snap this — oh, they were so yummy….. straciatella, pineapple, strawberry and chocolate.

Look out for SCBWI and Bologna 2014.
CIAO! (See, I have learned some Italian!)

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  1. Thank you for posting these photos from Bologna. We all got to share in the SCBWI experience!

    Vicki April 11, 2012 at 11:55 am Reply

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