Bologna Book Fair Does Begin!

It’s work all day today so here are just a few snaps of the activity at booth A66 … our SCBWI stand! We really had consistent action all day with so many folks stopping by to say hi, check out the books, and even join SCBWI! THere really has been a great vibe and buzz around our booth all day. With consolations, regional showcases, personal showcases, and the gorgeous illustrators display portfolio put tougher but the wonderful illustrator crew. Our shelves are FILLED with PAL books and sleeves are filled with postcards.┬áHere are just a few snaps to show the day:

Illustrators are so talented. They don’t photograph the booth – they sketch it instead. And there i am with long hair too!

Sally Cutting’s early morning sketch

Kirsten Carlson sorting out action.

Regions were able to showcase:

Miri and the Israel crew

Anita and the Union Jack

Rachelle waving the flag for the Netherlands

Sally and the Spanish crew

The British Isles pulled in Babette Cole to sketch.

Babette drawing for Anita

and there were also personal showcases as well – Lawrence Schimell in action!

and we were not limited by the space for our booth. We took over much of the red carpet for the day too.
Lin, Sara and lots of chatting

… and so the first day of the fair is over … but not for SCBWI folk. No time left to post. It’s time for our SCBWI feasting and dancing to some sweet jazz!

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