Hello Hong Kong Day 1

Are you ready for more travelling adventures showing the sights, sounds and foods of the latest trip?

Late Tuesday afternoon it was time to jet off to attend the inaugural Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival  and it was a lovely surprise to see my quote about attending the festival in the printed booklet. But first the Australian books had to be packed, along with a few bits of Australiana. This time there are three bags travelling with us. Luckily I have an allowance that will cover some of the extra luggage.

Food on board was a little erratic – very nice but at rather odd hours so we didn’t know whether we were having lunch or supper .. and right now, as I write this up at the end of the first night here Bini is watching television and what is one the TV … the Gruen Transfer … where are we!

lunch at 5pm!

It is lovely and so very exciting being back in Hong Kong … and then we arrived at our hotel, the Y-Loft which wasn’t quite what we expected. The twin hard beds are in a very small room … (and not Hong Kong hard either), no bounce, no spring – oh my poor back! as Bini said it would be nice as a teenager but ….

… and tonight as I write this we are in another hotel with one queen bed that I can lie on – and with Harbour Views! STILL, we missed the evening fireworks, as we did last time … something about being out to dinner!

There have been other creative folk here already but this morning the festival began for me with a trip out to the French International School to chat with absolutely delightful year 9 students (or was it year 3) about writing Historical Fiction. The students offered some good inquisitive questions (they have already started investigating my books) and we even grabbed a few minutes to attempt some writing! Of course I couldn’t finish without reading Sounds Spooky – not that it has anything to do with Historical Fiction but the kids loved it! And like kids everywhere they responded in just the right ways. They too were scared when I screamed!

in action

group shot

And then this afternoon, with my last session cancelled, we were able to stroll the streets, catch up with some relatives before another talk, this time to SCBWI Hong Kong. What a blast. I just love catching up with the SCBWI family all over the world, warm welcomes always abound and it really does feel like family. Thanks to Mio for asking me to speak to the group. And then it was dinner at the China Club where proper attire is required – I wore my black jeans! Just a thrill to dine with them all. AND Mio … HUGE thanks for ordering such a delicious, scrum my, yummo meal. You starred … again!

roll call post dinner dirty table

And it wouldn’t be a blog post of me travelling overseas without including just a few of the dining treats that we had to endure tonight. Pork, beef, tofu, fish, peas and pasta … all exquisite. I am completely stuffed! Again – this was scrumptious!

Day 1 in Hong Kong … done!

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  1. It was a treat for us HK crowd to have you guys here! Come again!

    Mio Debnam March 15, 2012 at 9:29 pm Reply

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