Hong Kong Day 2

Day 2 began after a really, really restful sleep here at the Harbour Grand at North Point, a bed that was large and smooth and soft, and then a scrumptious hotel breakfast.

Thanks to Sam (festival volunteer) for meeting us and delivering us safely to the Central Library. We have never been to the library in all the trips here so it was a thrill to do so this time … although I didn’t really get to look inside the library. This morning was spent in the auditorium for my Meet the Author talk. This morning’s session was much about being a writer for digital creations as well books in the traditional form. What a wonderful time and the students asked some really great questions about digital work. It took a bit of work but eventually the questions started flowing.

the ONLY time i stood at the lectern

attentive listeners

with students from Christian Alliance College, Tuen Mum

Library session done then it was back to the hotel to gather my thoughts before a drive out to the New Territories to meet a group of the students at Po Leung Kuk 1984 college Heng Hau for more chatting. This day of my stay was sponsored by the Australian Consulate-General. That is terrific and joining me for the session was the Public Affairs Director, Gavin McDougall. What fun it was meeting and chatting with him, as well as having him introduce me to the students.

These students were absolutely delightful … and I think they had fun! I sure did. It took a bit of work but I finally extracted from them some comments, plus a few questions and they were certainly spooked out with my reading of Sounds Spooky … even the boys jumped out of their seats. We talked about digital and paper books, how they are made, the ways they are used, and especially what my role is as a writer. They even joined in a rendition of the PaddleDuck theme song … great hand movements to accompany the singing!!! I hope the students will also love reading for the wonderful pleasure that comes from reading for enjoyment. A government representative at my talk – grand!

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photo opportunity with Gavin

students exercising

School Entrance
Welcome Banner

And lastly a note on the evening’s food. Tonight we dined with my uncle and aunt and continued our evening Hong Kong tradition of eating way too much (although Bini is much better at not over-eating). A surprise cake was baked for tonight — lemon blueberry tofu cake which might not sound appealing but the taste is exquisite. Will have to search for that one, but here is a photo of that delicious cake:

Barney – you missed a treat. See you next time.
Day two is now complete.

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