Hong Kong Day 3 (and stuffed I am)

Can I have a break now?

This day was flat chat, chocker block, totally FULL with radio interviews and sessions at the library and travelling back and forth in taxis.

A rapid taxi ride (how many scooter readers did the driver miss collecting!) out to Radio Television Hong Kong to record with Reenita Hora at 8.30 for a program sometime later on … one on the Stories of Asian Experience and the other on the business of being a writer. Of course me being me I had a lot to say so that at 9.20 we were kicked out of the studio – that was booked for a 9 am recording. And still we chit chatted outside. Will catch up again with Reenita in Singapore at AFCC.

with Reenita

time to go

A slow taxi ride during the peak hour crush back to the hotel for a quick cup of coffee and then the library was the next appointment for two Meet the Author sessions. Thanks to Janet Man for the lovely introductions.

I chatted with the students about writing both digital and traditional works – it is all writing, just for different mediums, answered a bunch of questions, including my thoughts on copyright and pirated books (these were older kids) and then in both it was time for the kids to create stories. A ten part cumulative story on Tony the Tiger was created while the season two created one on Ella the Elephant. It certainly gave me my work out for the day running up and down the auditorium steps collecting the kids the next line of our cumulative story. The kids were also jumping out of their seats trying to add their lines to the story. Tony was a HIT! And it was a task making sure that I chose boys and girls and from all the schools – one from this block, the next from this block, boy with white sort, girl with pleated skirt. And what was the plot of the story:- Tony the Tiger, well he got into lots of trouble and mischief – and all because he was mean to his sister. Well at least he didn’t get killed by falling out of the window (which nearly happened!)

the growing story

eager beaversĀ 

Following the final session was an interview in the foyer of the auditorium with two lovely kids from one of the Schools and then I high tailed it back in a taxi (another slow ride) to the studios to do an on air chat (along with Adeline Foo from Singapore who was also at the festival) on the Lunchtime Show with Liz Case. That was a long chat again!

But the day was not done!
Back to the hotel for a very late two bites of a sandwich then the final event – an interview with the folks from commercial press about my books and about reading to kids. It was a rather elongated sigh when i finally crawled back in to the hotel room – but not for long did i rest!

As this was our last day in Hong Kong we also had to check out which first meant that I had to pack my bags. That was done at 5pm, then our bags we delivered to the station terminus airline checkin which then meant a festival dinner cold be consumed — and finally, it was airport time! The days for me at this festival became progressively busier – crazy!

Hong Kong is done … for the moment. Another stopover soon!
Next stop Bologna (via Gatwick).

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