Look at my Desk! Nina Rycroft

Time now to jump in and Look at My Desk, of the terrific illustrator, currently residing in New Zealand – Nina Rycroft. Nina is the illustrator of the lovely Ballroom Bonanza and a host of other titles. She joins the throng of creative folk (not me!) with cats that are ever present.


My favorite space to be creative is in the family room sitting at my dining room table. A beautifully crafted oak table that I’ve known for years. My Mum and step-father bought it when a was about 12 or 13, our family (of seven) used eat all our meals, do our homework, sew dance costumes, and having endless cups of tea around it. It moved in with my Dad for a while. He let it to a friend of a few years, then it finally made its way back to me. We shipped it over to New Zealand (where we’re living at the moment), and I’m so glad I did, as it makes me feel close to my family back in Oz.
So instead of using my ‘studio’, which is set up with desks, storage and lots of light, I prefer to compete with Lego, the cat and meal times and the kids. The communal space is what I love about this creative space, there’s good light, fresh air with doors that open out onto the garden, my creative space is the heart of our home.


Do drop in to Nina’s website (http://www.ninarycroft.com/) for a heap more information and just see her beautiful dancing zebras right at the start.

Nina’s latest title:
Now I am Bigger (author Sheryl Clark) Working Titles Press.

… forthcoming title

Pooka (author Carol Chataway)  will be published by Working Title Press May 2012

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