Great Love from Generation to Generation

It has been a thoroughly busy time since arriving back home from the latest trip away working on new manuscripts and proofing ones to come out as well as doing a few school holiday things like going to the movies. Then of course there is the task of catching up on emails and other business from being away! But now, we are nearly on top of it all.

I do though want to drop in this image that is rather special.
While I was in Hong Kong I visited Po Leung Kok 1984 College as part of my festival schedule. At the end of my presentation, which was on all the different sorts of writing that I do (I also had the students rocking and grooving and waving hands to a few pieces of music too) I was presented with this framed piece of calligraphy. This was crafted by the students for me and is such a beautiful piece of work. The characters say Great Love from Generation to Generation. Getting goosebumps? I do!

My knowledge of Chinese script is next to nothing (alas) so thankfully they also attached this wording on the back:

This is so wonderfully special. Each time I look at it – and it sits very prominently in our loungeroom for the moment – I am just thrilled. This is exactly what the books were about … giving a voice to the Chinese immigrants who came to Australia and did so much to make this such a glorious country. I am so delighted that the students were able to hear this voice as they read my books and that they feel closely attached to what I wrote. What a privilege.

I told them that I would have this on display in my house … and it is! It will eventually make it into my office! Thank you to the students of Class 3E – you made this author feel so very special!

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