Homeward bound – via Hong Kong

Yes we are and it is rather pleasing for me to have been here in Hong Kong on the day of the Ching Ming festival (yesterday). Even though we didn’t go to the graves of my grandparents it still was a great feeling being here surrounded by all the festivity of the day – lots of paper money floating around, a few displays of offerings on the streets and of course that other thing that happens on a public holiday – heaps of workers having the day off! Mind you, there were lots and lots of folks doing not much of the respectfulness and filial responsibility.

We dropped into the offices and snapped this photo. This is a portrait of my grandfather and it hangs in the boardroom of the offices of the family company. Last trip I was able to visit the school named after him and this time the offices — a very happy ME.

grandson and Cheng Chek Chee

Such a thrill to have a really, really, long breakfast with Mio Debnam (author of the terrific Kids Go! series) this Thursday morning. No rushing out to do the tourist thing, just lots of chit chatting and gossiping! And food too, congee for breakfast and dim sum … perfect! As we do, we solved the problems of the world … well at least of festivals. SCBWI creates beautiful lasting friendships.

with Mio at breakfast

Dining out last night was at the Spaghetti House – yes I know it is not a traditional Chinese fare but I have eaten here nearly even time I have been in Hong Kong and one must continue the tradition! Tonight though it was Chinese for sure …. in one of the many shopping complexes. Lovely food here.


prawn salad with big shrimps!

shredded pancake and handmade noodles

… and more shopping eventuated after breakfast! The weather had turned a little ugly, and caused some of the locals to get a little dangerous with their brollies. This is the first time in our trip that it has rained but it had to rain so that carrying brollies was not a fruitless exercise. And tonight, Thursday here in Hongkers, it is time to do some major repacking! Bini went berserk with the plastic money! (huh!!  B) This time tomorrow we shall be airborne.

That’s nearly it for this global expedition. More from the home front soon.

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