MORE castles and a note on climbing steps

So … this is another castle post … and a note about feet. The one thing they don’t tell you in all the castle brochures is that you will be walking lots and lots. Now in the greater scheme of things walking is great but the muscles that we have used to climb those stairs, wow! I have found new muscles in the ankles, in the legs and the heel that I didn’t know were there. They have really, really, really had an extreme workout through these castles. I was pondering too as I was climbing and descending the numerous steps – the castle residents must have regularly stumbled over the steps. In many places they were sooooo narrow that I walked with one foot pointed to the side and the other facing forward. I have also lost count of the number of times my forehead made contact with the archway or a lintel (usually carved from stone) above a door.  (Bini had no trouble…short stature and little feet.)

Yesterday’s castles were Caerphilly, Castell Coch (a pseudo castle that really was very imaginative and a tad disneyish!) and we also had a peek at the Roman Baths. This morning our final viewing was this – Cardiff Castle. They said three hours for the walk around but we did it in under two and it really wasn’t as grand as we expected.


Castell Coach

a tad ornate room in Castell Coch

Our last day in Wales also involved, after viewing Cardiff, a house call at WIndsor to see Liz. She was home (we knew because her flag was flying) but she wasn’t taking visitors!

Cardiff Keep

too big to bring home

Liz’s abode

And, as many folks know, we collect dragons so of course the expectation was that it would be a snap to find a dragon in Wales to add to our dragon lair (the shelf in our house where our dragons reside) but do you think we could find a decent dragon in any of these castles? Not really. Alas they have not really got the souvenir thing down well. All those engravings and casts and decorations could be wonderful. Thankfully we did find a sleeping dragon (which is right now sleeping in Bini’s luggage otherwise I would add a photo here) made of coal! Very Welsh!

Our London, Wale, Castles expedition 2012 is just about done!

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