Asian Festival of Children’s Content – Day 2

Day two in (very brief) summary shortly but first a few snaps from last night’s SCBWI sponsored dinner in a most beautiful glass walled venue with the lights of Singapore at night flowing through … on the 16th floor of the National Library. As part of the SCBWI partnership with AFCC we sponsor the evening and members and guests are invited. Tonight was hugely successful.

with the Hong Kong crew: Jan, Reshem (who is Singapore/Hong Kong), Kathleen

mingle and chat



eating food

amused listeners

the SCBWI RA crew

So today flowed rather rapidly by and because it is rather late i will leave this in brief with more to follow:

  • Breakfast meeting with Kathleen,
  • Deliver session on Apps and EBooks for Toddlers
  • First pages panel
  • lunch – food is vital
  • short walk to stretch the legs and let the flood flow down.
  • break
  • my first BOARD MEETING (sounds like the title of a book)
  • Skype Bini from hotel
  • The Singapore Children’s Literature lecture,
  • DINNER & mingle
  • foreshore walk



Final Lecture delivered by Leonard

Dramatic students!

… more on today tomorrow but now to bed!
This time tomorrow night i am homeward bound. But first to shop!

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