Double Meet and Greet

It was a double busy day Tuesday.

I zapped out to Sydney Airport (horrendous parking fees … yes they are) to have a bite to eat and catch up with the lovely Lucy Christopher who was in town for the Sydney Writer’s Festival. We spent a few hours chit chatting while she was waiting for her flight out of Sydney. Amazingly it was just a matter of a five or six weeks ago that we three were on the other side of the world feasting on Welsh Cakes and other delectable picnic partakings over looking the delightful city of Bath.

Then last night it was a meet & greet hosted by Walker Books for Mal Peet (who also was doing the festival thing). Wonderful again chatting to him and hearing his stories. When we didn’t have many questions to ask him he filled in with his own answers about his books and his writing and his reflections on age classifying works … and there were quite a few heads nodding in agreement with what he was saying around where we were standing. More nods too came with his thoughts on the follow-on books that are created – the vampires, etc.

Mal Peet with Sarah Foster

It’s always a blast meeting other authors and illustrators, and of course there were lots of us Sydney creative folk there too — Simon French, Donna Rawlins, Serena Geddes, Charlotte Calder, Aleesah Darlison, Nadia Wheatley and very many more.

Wonderful day and night.

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