Sounds Spooky AWARD WINNER

So it goes like this:

Sounds Spooky is shortlisted for the Aurealis Awards – Best Children’s Picture Book.
A number of other superlative books are shortlisted too.
There is an awards ceremony on in Sydney, not far from where we live … but I forgot about that one.
LAST week I chat with Sarah Davis, my lovely friend and illustrator of Sounds Spooky and she tells me that she is going …
“Are you coming? It will be a bit of fun.”
“Oh yes the awards, ummm maybe.” And so I ponder … it is amazing to be shortlisted and it would be amazing to be at an awards ceremony and to see one of my other friends win the award so why the heck not.
Tickets are booked and we all (Sarah, Dave, Finn, Bini, Chris, and Zoe, publisher from Random House) meet in the foyer. We grab the lovely Margaret Wild (also shortlisted) and then discover that the second row from the front is empty which we duly begin to fill, with Sarah and me on opposite ends of our accumulated folk.
Ceremony begins, the second category is announced and there is our book up there on the big screen.
Well you know by now where this is going …
Both Sarah and I were flabbergasted, amazed, stunned, (someone nearly said a swear word – “shoot”) when our luscious Sounds Spooky was announced as the winner. I missed getting a photo of our names and the book on the screen. We eventually turn to look at each other with a do-you-believe-this? look on our faces and then there we are standing on stage being presented with the award. Truly, both of us attended the ceremony to have a good time and to share in the fun and hear our names read out in the shortlist. No way did I expect this accolade and of course neither of us had a speech prepared (my mother always told me to be prepared but I don’t think she had an award ceremony in mind) but I do think people realised I was well and truly stunned. For both of us having our spouses sitting there with us was truly a thrill. And the ceremony could not have been better … Kate Forsyth was the MC and Sophie Massonpresented our award – two fantastic childen’s book creators. How absolutely perfect.Thanks Linsay for loving the book and thanks to all involved with the Aurealis Awards and thanks very much to Sarah and her Sounds Spooky creations. This person is very very happy.

A few snaps from last night ….

Sophie Masson, Kate Forsyth, & Bini
Maragret Wild, Sarah and Dave
Kate Forsyth in charge of proceedings
our book, our names, up there on the big screen
at the microphone
award and awardees
with Zoe Walton

Aurealis Press release

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  1. Congrats, Chris! Woo – hoo!

    Kristi Valiant May 17, 2012 at 2:29 am Reply
  2. Congratulations on the lovely award! I’m *waving* from the wonderful state of Tennessee on the other side of the pond. I read your post on Cynthia Leitich-Smith’s blog and I’m now a follower. I’m raising my glass (of ice-cold Dr. Pepper) in salute of your awesomeness…;0)

    Donna L Martin

    Donna Martin May 27, 2012 at 12:52 pm Reply

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