Voices on the Coast – day 1

This time last week it was Singapore – now I am on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland for the Voices on the Coast literary festival. Kids from all over the area have purchased tickets for the gathering – 10,000 have been sold and that is terrific. What a buzz.
Thanks to Kelly Dunham and the Voices crew who have pulled me up here.
I flew up here with Boori Monty Prior – although we did’t see each other till we collected our bags. He comes with his didgeridoo so we know what he will be doing in his talks. We chit chatted all the way to the Mirage apartments where we are staying then after dumping bags it was straight up for food! And who was at the door to greet me – the lovely Glenda Millard … it is her book #6 in the Kingdom of Silk series that I am so delighted to be launching! I have already hung out with Glenda Millard. JC Burke, Rosanne Hawke, Dave Hackett, Gabrielle Lord, James Roy, DC Green and a host of other folk … so this is a shelf load of kids creative folk. It is fun getting out with the students here and telling the story of my story or running worships – but it is such a great time too to be able to catch up with the creative folk I haven’t  seen for yolks!
Monday found me here at the festival venue – the University of the Sunshine Coast … it really is sunny here on this part of the coast. My itinerary for today, two talks about me and my books – “Spooky Sounds and Historical Tales” and one workshop “Writing stores for digital publication” with an autographing session squeezed in – 45 minute sessions just scream by and as I continue all of a sudden I have my minder (one of the students from the Immanuel Lutheran College) waving hands up and down to signal that my times is just about up! 
Monday afternoon, I was sitting here outside with the late afternoon sun warming the body listening to the ocean waves crashing onto the shore in the distance … pity that it is interspersed with a few crying and screaming kids splashing around in the pool below … sort of takes away from the relaxing natural sounds. 
Monday night was a Literary Gourmet Feating gathering at the school for a literary evening with sponsors and teacher librarians. It was a luscious evening, we were greeted with a string orchestra, and then such acclaim was presented by the principal to the creative folk gathered and also to the library staff who transformed the library into a restaurant, complete with fairy lights and decoratively crafted books hanging from the beams. It was leo delightful hearing his accolades for librarians and reading and books. wonderful words of encouragement and the love for books and reading. Alison and Boori – Australia’s first Children Laureates – spoke lovingly of librarians and the need for paid librarians in ALL school libraries (much cheering and applause) as well as some of the tasks that they have been involved in. Food to eat, mingling and signing of books and then the night is over … day 1 is done!!!
More soon ….

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