Voices on the Coast – days 2 & 3

What a thrill this was up on the Sunshine Coast at Voices 2012. Tuesday continued much like Monday with two workshops and a talk (the reverse of Monday) although it was a primary school day only so there were thousands of them moving all over the campus. All throughout we had tech students from the College making sure that the microphones and visuals worked seamlessly and we were escorted all over by the students. Volunteers (hard to miss in their bright yellow Voices tshirts) sitting in on all our sessions to make sure all was perfect. This was fun!

Tuesday also included the absolute joy of launching The Tender Moments of Safron Silk, number 7 in Glenda Millard’s Kingdom of Silk series. What fun we had – dramatising an exempt from the book (I was Dr Larsson telling one of his tender moments) and then of course I was able to chit chat abut the Silk books and this one in particular. It really is a privilege to be able to launch another author’s book. 

Most of the visiting creators were homeward bound Tuesday afternoon but a few of us remained. I joined Sally Rippin and Roseanne Hawke (who I have’t caught up with since my book selling days) back at the university early Tuesday evening to present a talk on Asian Literary Connections to a small group of teaching folk. It was very relaxed and informal with each of us talking about our books, a few of the intricacies of our work, Sally and I were able to also show and chat about chops (our name stamps –  a bit of show and tell) the themes within and of course linking them to the new national curriculum. 

Tuesday night was a quiet night in at the complex and then came Wednesday when Sally and I hit the local Sunshine Coast libraries. They were fun but what was really interesting was the difference in library staff and their attitudes to kids books and visiting authors. Nambour and Maleny – those two libraries really buzzed and the kids there were part of the library scene and enthusiastically welcomed. At Maleny there were even snacks on the go (including segmented oranges) before I arrived. At the libraries we did chit chat about Sounds Spooky and of course a reading of the book was part of the session but what was funny was chatting about the book and we were talking about libraries one of boy piped up and announced
“you have to be quiet in libraries!”
I wonder which school he was from! Egads … quite a few strange looks closed then. Of course I dispelled that rumour straight away as we all read Sounds Spooky and made special effort for the pages where the children scream!

And then it was back home to my own bed! Yeah! That’s the travelling for a while now! Time to write!

The Full programme for Voices is here.
Thanks Kelly and the team for a great time!

workshop – with teacher workshopping too!

Launching Glenda’s luscious book

Glenda speaking

Asian Connections chit chat with Sally and Roseanne

milling about post chat
library fun


buzzing in Maleny

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