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Welcome to the latest post for Look at my Desk, where we peek into the creating places of some of my friends from around the world. This time, back in Australia, we are uncovering the studio of the delightful Anna Walker, the illustrator of delicious books such as All Through the Year, Little Cat and the Big Red Bus, and the beautiful I Love books starring Ollie and Fred.


I am an illustrator and I tell stories. I paint pictures, knit wooly animals and play with mediums such as woodblock printing and collage.

My studio is like the cubby I have always dreamed of. I fill it with pieces I have collected and created – things such as a small wooden cow I bought in Rome, a knitted pigeon, rabbit tea cups and a paper mache toadstool I made. The space is in a basement shared by a photographer, a printmaker and a graphic designer. I love playing in the studio. It has a history of creative souls, as once upon a time a printmaker and artist used the space and there was a gallery above and another gallery next door. It is great to share ideas and collaborate with the others in the studio. We are making a short video of the space and showing part of the creative process of making a picture book and you can see it here:

I have just finished ‘Peggy’ my latest book which will be released in September 2012 and before I begin my next book (in collaboration with the lovely Jane Godwin) I am preparing for an exhibition to be held later this year.

For more about Anna you can find her in the following places

the desk

the bookshelf

more desk

the toys


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  1. Such beautiful work! And what a charming video! Great series, Chris!

    Stephanie Roth Sisson July 27, 2012 at 4:40 am Reply

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