Opening of the Martian Embassy

The Martians Have Landed!

I was absolutely delighted today to attend the official opening by the lovely Governor of NSW, Prof. Marie Bashir of the Sydney Story Factory and the first Australian Martian Embassy and Gift Store (who knows, there might be a Martian Embassy in some other planetary system). And part of the official opening was the launch of the anthology – I Met a Martian and other stories for which I wrote a piece. Every aspect of the anthology was donated including the stories editing, cover design, illustration, typesetting, paper and printing.

As one who believes in the power of story and creativity and how they can change lives I was absolutely buzzed to jump on board (sometime last year) and write my Martian piece. Now don’t expect to read it here. You need to go buy the book! But I will let you know that it is a description of a Martian (Martianous martian). There are stacks of stories from other creative folk including Deborah Abela, Jaccqueline Harvey, Markus Zuzak, Sophie Masson, Melina Marchetta and Markus Zusak.

What is the Sydney Story Factory:
The Sydney Story Factory is a not-for-profit creative writing centre for young people in Redfern, Sydney. Our volunteer tutors offer free help to write stories of all kinds, which are published in as many ways as possible.

Find out lots more about Sydney Story Factory at the website
… and also have a look at the short film called Measuring Up.
This is a glorious initiative.

Governor Bashir & Tim Dick (Co-Founder)


Markus Zusak with student authors

Inside the Embassy


Bini and Libby Gleeson with mechandise from the Embassy Store


With the Ambassador

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  1. Thanks for the tale, I”ll check out the Story book and Martian Embassy when I come down from the airy mountain next.

    Virginia Gow July 23, 2012 at 8:07 am Reply

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