Python in the library – again

This morning the team at Walker Books organised another venture out promoting Python in the library, this time with the lovely crew at Glebe Library (another local library for me). And this time, I was not alone.

The staff (thanks Beth) had arranged for my talk, part of their 8 Stories High (a bi-monthly National Year of Reading activity) to include a visit by Amy from Australian Wildlife Displays. Accompanying Amy was the gorgeous Precious. So my chit chat about my new picture book Python ended up being a very lively hands-on book reading and information sesson. It was absolutely thrilling to once again to be entwined with one of my favourite Australian animals, a Diamond python – as this photos shows. It all came soooo naturally!

The kids (big and little) were able to get a close up with Precious and we had nearly all of them transforming into tree branches so that they could discover how wonderful snakes really are:
the way their muscles massage;
the way their tongue flicks in and out;
the way they effortlessly move;
the way they warm up as they absorb external heat;
their beauthiful body patterns.
… and oh so much more!

Now you see another reason why I just love what I do!

Thanks to Amy and Australian Wildlife Displays and of course very special thanks to Precious for being there.

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  1. Better you than me, Chris! Congrats on Python. It is a great book.

    Sue Whiting July 14, 2012 at 8:13 pm Reply

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