Python in the library

What fun!

Today (Thursday) was time for me to get out and do a few gigs as 2012 National Year of Reading Ambassador and also to start promotion for the new book Python! Thanks to Walker Books for getting it going and to Nicolle from the City of Sydney Library network (the City of Sydney have a whole bunch of libraries).

First off it was a visit to Newtown Library my local library. I have visited the library quite a few times over the years that I have dwelled here but have never before noticed the loft where they now do all their author gigs. It was lovely up there and it was a rather intimate session this morning … more of a one on one … but I loved it. It was very much like being back in the classroom – I spent the time reading the books and chit chatting perched on cushions on the floor. First was a quick read of Sounds Spooky and then it was time for Python. This was the very fist time that I got to open a finished copy of Python … it was in my hands and the experience of turning pages of a brand new book, the pages of which have never been opened before, that crispy, crackily sound, it hasn’t changed after all these years.
After lunch it was time for Ultimo library … another nearly local library. This afternoon’s gathering (with a few more bodies than this morning) spied a box sitting on the table. Also on display were copies of my picture books with Python right at the front. Of course having the box and the book with the title of Python there generated the first important question (there were a few nervous adults too) … is there a Python in the box? Alas, no, although if I had thought about it I could have created quite an investigative drama peering into the box — in search of the rare and endangered cardboard python! There were 101 other questions about Pythons too – like where does it go to the toilet (that’s one statemnt I forgot to include on the back of the bookmarks!

One more City of Sydney gig to come.

Just love what I do!

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