And so it begins … Book Week 2012

Every year, around about this time for countless years, authors and illustrators of children’s books around Australia have woken up knowing that they have this one peaceful day before the craziness of Book Week begins. For some of us Book Week has already begun and that one week has now evolved into Book Month!

We make sure that the laptops have all the images that we might want to project onto the IWBs; old stories have been brushed up so that we remember them clearly; the props we use to tell those stories are uncovered, rejuvenated and stitched, sewn or glued back together again (the local children have been playing with them for the past 51 weeks); copies of our published books – especially the new ones – are filling the bags, and those so very talented illustrators – well they have the added advantage of having countless examples of artwork from their wonderful creations to show. 
Tonight we will have one hearty meal and jump into bed early for what will be a restless sleep, our minds a buzzing and remembering, ready to venture out to schools and libraries near and far, within the state and out of state, to be with the very young and not so young, and those who are simply young at heart. We will sing and dance and read stories and create stories and share our thoughts and talk about the wonderful world that is children’s books … the best books!

I love it!

… and maybe, just maybe we will spark a young author or illustrator of the future in one of our classes who will one day blog (or by then there will be some new form of social media for sure) that they are venturing off for the very first time, now as an adult, into a school or library to share the joys of being a children’s book creator!

And they will remember when an author or illustrator came to their school one Book Week.

And they will love it!

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