Hello Merrylands Library …

and the years 5 & 6 classes from
Merrylands East Primary School,
Parramatta West Primary School
and Giraween Primary School

Yes it’s another Book Week event speaking to hundreds of kids in the open spaces at the beautiful Merrylands Library. They were well prepared for Book Week with great competitions and a wall display that tied in well with the olympics too! Champions!

Lots of great questions (including ones like:
Why don’t you write books for older kids?
What’s the worst book you have ever read? and
Which animal has the stronger smelling poo, a bilby or a northern quoll?
Now I know quite a bit about animals but it doesn’t stretch to poo smelling!).
And I hope lots of listeners have returned to school with some fun writing ideas! My reading of Sounds Spooky scared a few kids – and the big kids sitting on the side too, and there were attentive listeners for some of the zoo stories. Python is a hit, especially Mark’s illustrations of the open-jawed python attempting to catch a bird and then the constricting python in action! Lots more giggles and fun and laughing.

… and thanks to the children’s librarian at Merrylands Library Kirsty Plumridge for organising me to come to the library.

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