Hello Holy Cross Primary School Glenwood

Today is the last ‘official’ day of Book Week – although there are still a few schools for me to visit that will make my Book Week Book Month! And what a terrific school to finish the week. Definitely Champions here! I had an absolutely gloriously fun time today at Glenwood. And the school uniforms are just beautiful.

There were some terrific questions asked but THE question of the day, actually I think it is the question of the year is most definitely a question that I have never had before …
What would you do if there were no kids?
For me, that question is a real challenge for all the things that I like to do involve working with kids! There would be no need for Infants and Primary School Teachers (the second best job in the wrold) either. What a world that would be!

There were three sessions today, Kindergarten, first class and second class, and then after lunch (which is in the morning and a jolly sensible idea having a long lunch break early on), first the lower primary classes and then the upper primary classes.

Lots of chit chatting about story ideas; a creepy old house near where I grew up and the night-time noises that were the spark for Sounds Spooky; lots of looking at pictures to see exactly what Mark Jackson (illustrator) created for Python; and just a  few tales that I love to share from my days working at the zoo with all sorts of animals – including the human ones!
And we had to talk too about saving the brain strain for teachers by students creating the best possible stories with numerous edits and sparkling imagery.
The excitement and smiles (with just a few grimaces too when I showed some of the picture from Python) were just marvelous.

Thanks too to Holy Cross for sharing your photos with me. Keep on readings and loving books!

Friday is done and Book Week is done but there are a few more schools left for me to appear in this year for Book Week!

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