Hello Our Lady Queen of Peace Gladesville

Book Week for some of us visiting authors and illustrators has stretched into Book Monthand today found me in the library of OLQP at Gladesville.

For the past 6 weeks the library has been doing all things to do with shortlisted books – a short list of books chosen by the students from the books in their library! What fun it was with the OLQP characters – and they ARE characters. I have attended many Book Week parades in my time as a visiting author but never have I had the chance to host the gathering. Today I did! I MC’d the Book Week character parade and it was so wonderful to see character costumes that have been lovingly created from the ‘things around the house’ with the characters chosen from teh school’s shortlist books. And there were heaps!
  • Three amazing boys dressed up as the Three Aunties from Nick Bland’s hilarious  Aunties Three,
  • There were many Terrys and Andys from Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton’s 13 Storey Tree House – and from the same book there was also one creative student who came dressed as the pillow room with numerous pillows strapped to his body. Ingenious.
  • a spooky haunting of ghosts from Sounds Spooky and a gathering of kids who were exploring the haunted house too complete with teddy bears and torches and even cameras made from boxes! Yeah! I wonder why I liked these soooo much!
  • prominent were the protesting students carrying placards, and fairy tale characters who were adorned with No Bears … plus a few who wanted Bears!
  • a wonderfully attired Grace from the Our Australian Girl books.
  • The school was also extremely powerfully protected too for there were many ninjas silently and secretly patrolling the grounds from Moonshadow – the Wrath of Silverwolf.

Huge congratulations to the adults who helped create the wonderful costumes, and who joined in the celebration watching the parade in the morning. It was wonderful seeing so much enthusiasm and camera flashes and so much laughter and giggling going on. There will be some very embarrassing photos shown at future 18th birthday parties. And HUGE congratulations to ALL the teachers who dressed up for the day and joined in the celebrations! Just look at some of the crew … I think they had fun!

As well as being MC for the morning I spoke to all the grades – about my favourite subject – ME!
But along with the super book week parade there was a special lunchtime feast for the School Librarians, the Principal, Library staff and the visiting book creator – ME! Quiche, salad, soft drinks, cupcakes … yummo! And this year Gemma was presented with the Library Monitor badge for her sterling work in the library … I  have been hearing all year how wonderful she is in the library so this is a well deserved recognition.
Gemma’s Library Monitor badge being pinned
Gemma and Shauna with Miss Bini (one of the three aunties) and Me

Now I will say that I adore this school but then I am a little biased, which might have something to do with the fact that I am married to the Teacher Librarian!

Thanks OLQP for hosting me at your school and for such a fun filled day!

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