Hello St Lukes Grammer School Dee Why

What a fun time it was at St Luke’s Grammar School in Dee Why today doing literacy focussed workshops.
It was a day of brainstorming and compiling writing ideas and developing stories and getting excited, and me trying to write neartly on the white board!
We created lists of ideas that would make great stories.
We compiled lists and mind maps of the happenings that would expand the initial ideas and then we created a collection of great sentence starts that would really hook the reader.
We talked about descriptions and detail – especially when we tried to describe some of the students – there are some eyes in some rather wierd places, and ears that were rather strangely attached to our heads!
We laughed and giggled and shared and we all wrote stories – or at least the ideas that will be our stories.

Some of the ideas that filled our white board:
dinosaurs, dancing leprechauns, more than a few zombies and nasty beasties, a few investigators, dragons, a fun filled talking breakfast (bacon for mouth, eggs for eyes, toast for the face and a whole lot more), a wide assortment of native and non native animals that did all manner of peculiar things, ghosts and spooks, rattling windows, flying pancakes, disappearing food, disappearing people – I wish that I could remember them all but I am a little too tired right now!

But what was really fun and what makes these days so thrilling for me is seeing and hearing these kids excited about being able to write a story idea that is their very own!
Thanks to Mrs Smith and Mrs Griffiths for organsing our fun!

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