Hello Wahroonga Public School

Ah, what a blast it was today with the wonderful students from Wahroonga Public School and their fantasmagorical Teacher Librarian Mrs Crys Mills.

Right at the start of Book Week 2012 I want to give a huge, gigantic and exhillerating shout out for all those amazing teacher librarians, and not just because I am married to one. How critical and essential are our teacher librarians to the whole education of our students. In many schools it is the teacher librarian who teaches every child each week. They don’t just manage the book collection or turn on the school computers. They share the joy of holding books and develop or continue a love of all things book. They teach research skills … and they can usually find just the perfect book for each child to read. Just like Crys Mills.

And of course without teacher librarians where would authors and illustrators be!
I visited Wahroonga school a few years ago so some of the upper primary students already knew lots about me but many things change in two years so it was wonderful to be able to introduce my more recent titles – Sounds Spooky and Python.
We chit chatted about the importance of the process of writing and especially the editing part of writing … once is never enough! Editing and rewriting is all part of the writing process – not just coming up with ideas. And we even discussed the brains of teachers … but you will have to find a Wahroonga student to find out what that is all about!
in the library

Thanks Wahroonga for a lovely day.

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