SCBWI Summer Conference

So just where am I now … at the SCBWI 41st Summer Conference in Los Angeles of course. I left Sydney just a a few hours ago according to the clock on this computer (but we all know there is no such thing as time travel unless you are a Dr Who fan and you know a Time Lord) – although as I haven’t adjusted the timezone settings it still thinks I am home in OZ and it is mid afternoon on Friday.

Today has been the pre-conference meeting and networking – catching up with some of the folk I haven’t seen for so long, well since January in New York, and other folk who I haven’t seen since this time last year! And a few knew bods as well. It is always a blast seeing all those lovely smiling faces … and of course if I had not left my firewire cable that connects my camera to this laptop I could add some photos now – photos of the RA meeting and all the action therein, like:
– unwrapping presents for babies, 
– proud grandparents (and those to be) and 
– photos of us dining in the Westfield complex and pulling funny faces
– and just seeing such fun folks.
But photos will just have to wait till I zap out to the shops and buy the cable!
One of the most common phrases hear from many mouths comes to the general conclusion that we are amazed that it is just a year since we were last here. Time flies!
Really this is a most wonderful time when we all gather together and yes it really is just like one great big family – with groups all over the world. So much hugging HAS to be a good and great thing.
So, now to catch up on some sleep and then the conference shall begin!

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