Summer Conference begins

So today the conference begins …
again a stellar lineup has been organised and again it is a near sellout!!!

What’s happened.
keynotes including Arthur Levine who delivered a timeless keynote referencing his 15 years of books published under his own imprint.Another very entertaining and humorous one from Tony DiTerlizzi on imagination,
and workshops,
and lunch meetings,
and afternoon tea meetings
and workshops
and the PAL Showcase and Pizza party
and social gathering
and then post social gathering meeting in the deep dark of the evening … before a very late night of sleeping.
A busy day 1.

The Pal showcase and Pizza party was the chance for published members to showcase and sell their books. Interestingly for me when people saw the title of my book they did one of two tinges. They either came over and had a look – or they got as far away from the books possible – me thinks they don’t like Pythons!

For a few of us who were showcasing their books though, the pizza part of tonight’s gathering never eventuated and we missed eating pizza, too much talking about our books which then went into the last programmed part of day one — the various evening social gatherings (as well as internationals there was a gathering for illustrators and another for yoga enthusiasts. Tonight the Internationals gathered and chit chatted about all things international – we even had gate crashers … okay so they probably didn’t fit into any of the other programmed socials but we are a pretty amazing group! Just look at the assembled throng. It is just so amazing to see the reach of the SCBWI tribe.

By now though a few of us had barely eaten a snack, let alone had dinner, so the international RA crew continued to chat over food!

But first I had to zap up the pen and ink room to do a quick camera piece on advice for J.J. Pennifur (Penny the hamster) who is seeking editorial wisdom. Pen and Ink created the pirate alphabet clip – this year it is hamster editorial time! More on that later!

Arthur’s keynote on Timeless titles – Shaun Tan!

The PAL Pizza Party

with Sharon Cameron

Sharon’s first book above is a SCBWI success story … she won the Sue Alexander Award in 2009 and now the book is alive. Yeah!

Susan Eaddy

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