Summer Conference Day 2

A time full of meetings …
meeting last night,
meeting at lunchtime today,
meeting tomorrow morning …
lotsa meetings …
but it is all good!

A late night to bed on Friday due to time swap and lots of catching up with friends I don’t see often enough (and that most definitely needs to be done), so meant that it was a late morning rising here. I did make it down in time in time (just) for the early session but alas, no coffee so I had to raid Starbucks! Still it is better than no coffee fix at all.

Today was more listening to speakers – many whom are able to tell such inspiration and loving stories from folks including Bryan Collier, Deborah Underwood, Ruta Sepetys and Deboarh Halverson. emotion and warmth and beautiful stories.

This evening was a glimpse into the wonderful stunning talents of the illustrators here at the conference. Was it 160+ portfolios on display – not sure but I can’t imagine the difficulty this posed for the judges. How the heck do they decide? It is beyond this mind! There were some amazing pieces and I am just in awe when I see some of this artwork. Some of these should most definitely be hung in galleries .. I was often walking around and seeing the art and imagining stories!

And then it was the social event of the SCBWI calendar … the gala ball. This time it was the 60s Hippie Hop and it was good … it was very very good. So many wonderful colourful pieces of clothing and lots of great music. But not only was there music and dancing … we had the first SCBWI flash mob to the tune of Aquarius! Lots of emailing, an instruction clip to follow, and a secret practise session at our Thursday meeting was very worthwhile … and we were good … and yes I did join in – my two left feet worked appropriately!

So an absolutely wonderful day!

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