Feasting with Linda Sue

I am sure that I have mentioned this a number of times but one of the glorious things about being a children’s book creator is meeting other magnaplurious children’s book creators and not once, but twice in the past few days I have been able to feast with Linda Sue Park and her husband.

She was here for the Melbourne Writer’s Festival last week and then jumped into the car and took the cruising road with her husband to Sydney – and now they have buzzed up north for the Brisbane Writer’s Festival before they venture off somewhere else in Asia.

We had a few long chats, swapped books (I will deliver mine to her next year so that she doesn’t have to cart it around on her current expedition) and we shared local dining treats – and some of the cake baekd with my hands too! Wonderful! Seven years ago when she was here with her kids as well as her husband, we caught up then too. That time I forgot to get her to sign the visitors book but that slip of the brain is now rectified!

Thankfully Linda Sue is also on the SCBWI board so I am able to see her at least once a year! Yeah!
Just a lovely time!

swapping our latest creations

just because

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