Hello Bookfeast

Thursday was the annual Bookfeast gathering organised by the intrepid Teacher Librarian Michael Fraser from Haberfield Primary School… which I might add is a spectacularly excellent school (even if I do say so myself and I am not too biased!)Nearly 40 tables, more than 40 authors and illustrators, more than 300 students and their Teacher Librarians from primary and high schools gathered to feast on stuffed chicken fillets with roast potatoes and vegetables (I thought it was quite delicious but some of those lunching with me did not like the green gooey stuff oozing from the chicken) or a vegetarina pasta if you prefered; to listen to a spectacular Q&A session with a panel of authors – and they told all manner of crazy shenanigans; to listen to John Heffernan and Jacqueline Harvey tell of their new titles … and of course to meet all the authors and illustrators. Our fathering was MC’d by the magnaplurious Duncan Ball. The creative types in attendance was a roll call of Sydney folk with a few extras like Andy Griffths thrown in. We, the creative type, had barely a chance to chit chat but I did get to exchange words with Anna Fienberg, Sarah Davis, Jacqueline Harvey, Peter Macinnis, Oliver Phommavanh, Lesley Vamos, Sue Whiting, John Heffernan and Belinda Murrell – and I did wave to a bunch more too across a very crowded room!

Events like this are glorious celebrations. They are wonderful fun and it is a thrill to spend time with the kids. A big hello to the kids who shared lunch with me from Lansvale and  Clempton Park. T’was rather nice feasting with you all!

Q&A panel
Lesley Vamos signing

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