Meet me at the Powerhouse Museum

… with ABC TV and that was this afternoon’s activity. In fact, straight after the radio session this morning it was off to the museum to have my photo taken for the museum collection – and to accompany an article I wrote for the museum’s next magazine.
the black box flight recorder (and not a toaster!)

Then after a quick dash home (via Newtown for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat) it was back to the museum this afternoon for a session of filming with Debbie and the ABC TV crew that will be broadcast this weekend promoting Inventions and Innovations.

But imagine my joy when while sipping a latte Debbie rings and asks me if I can play the piano – oh JOY! And if you don’t believe me … then have a look at this. That IS me playing the Stuart and Sons piano! Thanks to my lovely Bini who didn’t even tell me she was taking this. I was just tinkering around while the film crew set up!

and a few snaps too:

atmospheric photo

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