Meet me at the TARDIS

… that was the message from Dot, my publicist at Random House, for the new book created with Linsay, Australia’s Greatest Inventions and Innovations. And the Tardis is not some weak joking reference to the blue Dr. Who police box. It IS the Tardis at the ABC Radio Studios. The book is just about to be released and I have already rolled out a few newspaper interviews. This morning, Debbie Rudder (the wonderful curator from the Powerhouse who collated so much of the background material and who is like a living encyclopedia on the objects) was with me for the on-air chat with ABC Radio North Coast.
Lotsafun … especially listening to Debbie and her humungous knowledge!
door text: ABC Tardis Radio Interview Booths, Master Control
In Tardis Booth 2 with Debbie Rudder

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