Beautiful MIRROR

It was absolutely delightful to power through the road traffic (it was absolutely crazy for a Saturday afternoon) and just make it on time to Blacktown Arts Centre for the launch of two gorgeous exhibitions:

  • MIRROR the travelling exhibition of the intricate collage artwork from Jeannie Baker’s award winning book and
  • Reflections on the books of Jeannie Baker with artworks by western Sydney primary and secondary school students – inspired by Jeannie’s evocative collage art and picture books.

Donna Rawlins spoke lovingly and passionately of Jeannie’s power with pictures – the way the art can enlighten the viewer and how readers of Jeannie’s art are able to be transported to another place. The exhibition has been touring now for many many months and people all over the country have been able to be excited and inspired and moved by seeing the intricate work. The award winning book is a treasure to behold but being able to stand right in front of the original art is exquisite, bringing a whole new life to the book. Seeing all the components of every single part of MIRROR, every piece of the collage, all the elements make it even more powerful. Amazingly it was just a few years ago that i was at the launch (was it really a few years ago) of the exhibition at the Museum of Sydney and now we are back once again for this outing!

It was also the perfect time to chat with the NSW Opposition Leader, John Robertson. Well done Sarah! More will most surely come from that. And even though we had already had lunch we couldn’t resist the food that was there … guess who doesn’t have to have dinner tonight!

It was lovely to catch up with great friends too, Duncan Ball, Libby Gleeson, Karen Jameyson, Judy Ridge and Sarah Foster.


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