Bookaroo Remembering

Right about this time last year I was in India attending the Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival. I had such a thrilling time. And what a joy it was to receive a few photos earlier this week of me having a blast over there! Thank you to Asha (who was then the Country Area Manager for the Australia-India Council in New Delhi) who sent the photos to me. The Australian High Commission did such a spectacular job looking after me in India.

I was speaking to the most absorbing and wonderful audiences …

  • for the Bookaroo School Days and the Public Days at Sanskriti Kendra, Anandgram (amazing terracotta statues and buildings) and that amphitheatre where I was able to run and jump around in and out of the audience with a roving microphone!
  • in Bookstores in Chandigarh and Kolkata
  • at Calcutta University, Rabindra Bharti University, and Jawaharlai Nehru University
  • in heaps of schools – and these I really adored.
  • on radio, television and in newspapers interviews galore.
  • and spending a few hours in the calmness of the High Commission was just a delight. There is so much happening there!

India was such a thrilling place, nothing like I expected and it totally amazed me. The glittering sites, the cacophony of sounds, the smells that were swirling around all the time, and those absorbing and inspiring children I was with … I can’t wait to go back.

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