Legacy Event – National Year of Reading

It was an early rise on Monday morning to catch the plane down to Canberra yesterday for the final official function of 2012 National Year of Reading. I am amazed to think that 9 months ago I was  there in the same building at the launch of the event. Today was a gathering of folks who were part of the year and included official speakers – the Governor General of Australia and The Minister of the Arts. The morning also included an overview of the year programmed as 8 “Outstanding Examples of National Year of Reading Participation” … and that included me as one of those speaking! What a thrill.

Each ‘outstanding example’ had 8 minutes to share their adventures for the year … but not for me! I had just 4 minutes as I was sharing the podium with the lovely Tania McCarthy. So of course I rapdily flashed through a 21 panel presentation of my year as one of the Natioanal Ambassadors. There are still events slated for the rest of the year  –  I think I have one or two left but the official bits and pieces are all over now!

A workshop to analyse and plot and plan for the future of the year for those of us who stayed was then part of the afternoon activities – lots of ideas came flowing through in those few hours and then a Terrace gathering for drinks … which I missed as it was time to jump back into a plane and HOME! I would have loved to have another squizz around the library as it is such a magnificent building, but time did not allow that (although my place was delayed so in the end I could have stayed for both the drinks and a look around the library!)

The year is a wonderful initiative. May every year be National Year of Reading … which is what the Governor General mentioned in her beautiful talk and what I have been saying all year!


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  1. Great to see you had a fantastic trip Chris, and the photos look great.

    Jason Rhodes November 13, 2012 at 3:46 pm Reply
    • many thanks for your comment Jason.

      Chris Cheng November 13, 2012 at 3:51 pm Reply

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